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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Salam Ramadhan

First of all, I hope that it's not too late to wish you guys Salam Ramadhan. It's better late than never, isn't it? I hope that you guys will have a great one and may it bring us all good changes. Anyway, since I have nothing else better to do, I decided to write about what I did a few days back. Hehe just hanging out with my precious jewels. Right after I got back from school, we decided to hang out at the Old Town White Coffee. Not to mention, I was in my school uniform at that moment. To be honest, I'm writing this just because I'm going to include the photos of food.... Sorry I'm not sorry.

Old Town Signature Ice Cream. This is crazy sedap. Like sedap gila. I drool a little every time I look at this picture. 
I had the Old Town White Coffee Signature Freeze which is their ice blended coffee topped with whipped cream and Oreo bits.

I didn't eat anything there because we actually had a plan to go to Warung Pok Nung in the evening. To those who doesn't have any idea what Warung Pok Nung is, just google it. You will find loads of reviews about their sotong and ikan celup tepung. So, we went there around 5pm or something. My sister wasn't really sure where it is located at. But she was so sure that it is located near the beach. I swear she was so confident in giving the directions. Macam dah sepuluh kali pergi. An hour has passed by and we couldn't see any sign about the warung. I kept on asking her the same question over and over again which is "Lambat lagi eh?" All I got was "I think we will reach there in five minutes." 

Five minutes later.

Me/My sister
"Come on, lambat lagi ke?"
"Five minutes more."

Five minutes later.

Me/My sister
"Hello don't tell me five minutes more again."
"You see, there's a beach there. We'll reach there in a second."

Five minutes later.

"Welcome to Setiu."

I don't know how to feel about this. Thanks to my sister, we were in Setiu. There was a signboard welcoming us. Thing is, Warung Pok Nung is not in Setiu. I could see that my sister was so guilty at that moment. I could see it coming out of her head in a thought bubble, "What is this. Please don't blame me. I'm no Akon. You can't put the blame on me." Since everyone was so hungry the moment we're on our way home, we decided to stop by at a warung. We had to wait for like 20 minutes or something for the sotong and ikan celup tepung. When the food had reached, all of us were like, "Siap pun tangkap sotong....." We were being sarcastic for sure. On our way back home, like 100 meters  from the warung we stopped by just now, there's a warung which was very crowded. Everyone was queuing up. We looked at the sign. That's it. Welcome to Warung Pok Nung!!! Obviously there's so exclamation mark at all. We didn't stop by though because it was quite late. And up until now my sister is still feeling guilty.


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