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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hope and faith

So, I just got back from the wedding and my eyes are so clean. I can see clearly now sebab tadi I pergi wedding I cuci mata tengok handsome guys pakai baju melayu. The face my mum and I give to each other when we both find the same person attractive :') Staring at good looking strangers is like one of my habits because I know I will never see them again and then I get sad. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm weird like that. Anyway, a week has passed by and I don't think that I have done anything productive or at least like something to be proud of so far. A week, just wasted like that. Not to mention but I actually have started doing the English assignment but then I think I have to redo the whole thing because I can't differentiate between a blog post and an assignment. I don't know. My assignment literally looks like a blog post. You know, like what you are reading right now. 

On a not so different note, I have been waking up early these days. Even my mum is pretty surprised with that. Like before this, the first thing I will ask her right after I'm done taking my shower is "Mum, what's for breakfast?" But now, not anymore. The first thing I will ask her is pukul berapa now which is obviously because the Barbie series is shown on the television during these holidays. Please don't judge me, I'm pretty obsessed with barbie. My phone usually died every single time I woke up plus I don't have any watch in my room. Well, I used to have one but then the ticking sound disturb my sleep so I remove the batteries and the clock is not ticking anymore.. That's why I always ask my mum what time is it right now. Just to make sure that I don't miss the Barbie series. Do you know why I enjoy watching these kind of movies? Because it seems like the only thing that will convince me that hope and faith do exist :-)

Me/My mum
"What's time is it now?!"
"Nasi goreng. Do you want any fried egg?"
"What's time is it now......"

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