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Monday, May 27, 2013

Living the life

Wearing Claudia peplum blouse from ThePopLook.

It's school holidays! After all the struggles I've been through during the midterms, now it's time for me to take some rest and free myself from study thingy. Well, not really since I have tons of school works that have to be done. One of them is quite interesting though. It is the assignment given by my English teacher. We, the students were asked to write a journal about five interesting days among our two weeks holidays. It can be about the activities that we do during the holidays, experience and even the feelings too. We even got warned by the teachers that five marks will be deducted from our English paper for this midterm if we didn't do it. Just so you know that five marks is for one story. There are five stories altogether which means 25 marks will be deducted if we didn't do all of them. Great, just great. Well, I have a thought of publishing all of the five interesting days among my two weeks holidays here on my blog as well. Wouldn't it be great? We'll see okay. So, life have been really great lately. I don't think that I'll be going anywhere during these two weeks holidays other than going out with my brother since he's coming back next week. And so does my sister. Talking about my sister, today is her birthday! So, happy birthday and please bear in mind that you are the best sister ever. I love how half of my clothes in my wardrobe were yours to be exact. Thank you. I love you.

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