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Saturday, May 11, 2013


I'm supposed to be in school right now but here I am, typing and trying not to bother with my stuffy nose and headache. Not that I'm complaining but my eyeballs literally feel warm. I know it sounds weird but it really feels like that right now. Not to mention but I have Agama papers tomorrow and obviously, I haven't studied anything. Not even a bit. So, I'm not sure whether I'm going to school or not tomorrow. But then, is it possible for me to retake the papers if I didn't sit for them tomorrow? I don't think that I'll be able to answer any of the questions asked in this condition. Plus, how do you expect me to answer them when I haven't done any revisions yet?

Yesterday, my head was pounding and it was so painful. Plus, my nose was stuffed up and I couldn't breathe. I felt all warm and even my eyeballs felt so. I even cried which I knew wasn't helping the situation at all but it just hurts so bad. I can't even remember the last time I cried like that. Mum knows me too well that I'm not that kind of person who cries easily. She knows that I will only cry because of something I can't bear with. So, that's pretty much explains why she had being all worried last night since I cried as if my cat just got stolen. Well, I bet if my cat got stolen then I will cry as hard as I cried last night. I swear she did everything she could, calmed me down, gave me the head massage, wrapped my head with the wet towel, well you name it. Since the headache was getting harder that I thought it would be and I couldn't breathe, not even a bit, mum persuaded me to go to the hospital. Then I was like, one word, no. I mean like you gotta be kidding me, going to the hospital means that there will be needles poked into my hand or whatever you call it. So, thanks but no thanks. 

Then, she was like, "Okay whatever, we'll go to the clinic." You know what guys, when I was about to go inside my room to change my clothes, I couldn't stand up. I was like "Somebody help me! My world is upside down!" Trust me, I'm not kidding. My mum even sure that my head hurts so bad right after she saw me wearing the tudung with awning because she knows that never in my life will I wear that kind of tudung. I didn't have any energy to wear a shawl so I thought like, the tudung with awning would do. (In case you don't know what is meant by the tudung with awning, it's like the instant tudung where you can just wear it like that, no need to wear brooch or anything.) The funny thing is, when I was about to wear my flip flops, my mum was like "Honey, you're not gonna wear that with that skirt. Wait, I'll find your flat shoes." Okay mum, okay. 

When we reached the clinic, almost all of the sick people were babies and they were not crying. Everyone was looking at me because I was the only one (big baby) who cried. So tak tahu malu! Not long after that, my name was called to see doctor, so I came inside. The doctor was like "Are you sick?" I swear I was about to say "If not then I wouldn't be here right now." Not only that, he even asked me whether I had a fever or not. I was about to say, "How do you expect me to know? I mean, come on. You're are the doctor. You should have checked whether I demam or not. Gila." I swear that he only checked me for like less than 5 minutes. If like this la, I can also open my own clinic and check orang tak sampai 5 minit. Then I was being as polite as I possibly could and asked him for mc.

Me/The doctor
"I need mc for this Sunday in case if I couldn't go to school. I mean, I have exam and maybe with the mc then I can retake the papers."
"No. I can only give you the mc for yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday)."
"No. I need mc for this Sunday. Just in case, you know."
"No. If you want it then you need to come here again this Sunday and I will decide whether I should give you the mc or not."

I swear, I will never go to this clinic after this. 

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