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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thoughts during these midterms

So, I've been feeling a lot better now but not fully recovered yet. I mean, you know, my voice still sounds weird and almost every single person I talked to for these past few days recognized it. I hate hearing my own voice. Anyway, I'm gonna blog about my thoughts during these midterms. Well, I honestly think that I may fail my science subjects for this midterms. I have never sat in an exam where I honestly had no idea how to answer half of the paper until now. All I did during my Biology paper was just sitting there clueless, looking outside as if there's gonna be Hedwig (Harry Potter's owl) flying towards me while bringing the scheme for the Biology paper. There was a Biology question where the question is based on the diagram. And the question provided 10 marks if I'm not mistaken. The thing is, I just had no idea at all what the diagram was. I was like "Did we even learn this? What chapter is this even in? Or did my textbook come without this chapter?! Is it possible for me to sue the manufactures..." 

I even thought about my future during these midterms. Well, I did this every single time I couldn't manage to answer the questions to be honest. I was like, "Why did I take the science stream in the first place? You know what guys, just forget it. I should just open a burger shop."

Please buy my burgers.

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