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Friday, April 5, 2013


Wow I haven't posted anything on this blog for over a week, I wonder if people still  come here? Been busy with school and stuff. Anyway, my tuition class was cancelled and to be honest, I'm so happy that it was cancelled. No, it's not because of laziness but then, I'm so happy that I don't have to change my outfit. Right after a friend of mine told me that the tuition class was cancelled, I was like "Hell yeah I don't have to change my outfit. That's it. Oversized tshirt, hair tied, chilling in my bed. This is the life." I don't know if the other places are like this too but here in Terengganu, I swear the weather is way too hot that I can fry an egg on the sidewalk. Not that I'm complaining but I shower at least five times a day :o 

The funny thing is, whenever I open the fridge, both my cats will come and sit in front the fridge. They were like "Finally, I found a good spot to sleep. Mwehehe this is the life." Amboi. And whenever I was about to close the fridge door, my cats won't move. They just won't move and pretend like they were asleep. Like "Are you blind? Can't you see that I'm sleeping?" So good la these cats at pretending. I feel so kesian whenever I look at them. Sometimes, I feel like shaving their fur. (Sorry I'm not sorry). 


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