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Saturday, March 30, 2013


I went out with my mum yesterday to accompany her for groceries. Well, not exactly to buy groceries but I needed to buy something from Guardian so it's like killing two birds with one stone amboi. At first, my mum was like "You go first to the Guardian and buy your stuff, I'm going inside for the groceries." But then, since my dad was looking for parking, my mum asked me to accompany her first because she felt awkward to walk alone. So manja hehe. When we reached the vegetables section, no this ain't about the abang sayur who forced me to eat the organic vegetables like in my previous entry. This is about my mum. She went to the broccoli section and there's a mak cik there who was about to buy the broccoli too. Well, not a mak cik to be exact. She's chinese, so let's call her aunty. Sounds better. Thing is, my mum didn't know how to cook broccoli. She doesn't even know how the broccoli taste like. 

My mum/Aunty
"Hi. I wonder how does the broccoli taste like? Does it taste exactly like cauliflower?"
"Oooo ini broccoli haa?"
"Ye ye itu broccoli. Eh."
"Quite the same la like cauliflower. But not exactly the same."
"How to cook this broccoli, Aunty?
"Senang punya! First of all, you kena blanch ini broccoli so that dia lembut."
"And then?"
"Then, you goreng macam goreng sayur campur la. Simple as that. It's not a rocket science."

There was a pak cik there who's interested to buy the broccoli but I can tell that he didn't have any idea how too cook it, I believe. He took the broccoli, then he put it down as if he took a dented milk can. A minute later, he took it back. He looked at my mum and the aunty who taught my mum to cook the broccoli before and he asked "Broccoli ni macam mana nak masak?" That's it. The conversation between the three of them went on for quite awhile. To be honest, if I were a stranger, I would say that they are best friends or neighbours or something who shop for groceries together. Oh, and learn to cook the broccoli together. I bet, when I ask my mum what's for lunch right after I'm back from school tomorrow , she will be like, "Broccoli!!!!!"

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