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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pumped up

I'm so pumped for tomorrow. The thoughts of camping gets me all excited. Anyway, something happened today when I was in school. It was recess time and when I was about to eat, I gila gelojoh like there's no tomorrow. Guess what guys, I accidentally bit my tongue and omg just now it was bleeding I cannot!! I even cried okay. I don't even know why mhm so tak malu. I didn't mean to cry but the tears streamed down my face, just like that. Everyone was like "Omg why did she cry" and do you know what one of my friends said? "Past is past la" he thought I cried because of a boy ish I cannot!! I was about to say "Where got?! I accidentally bit my tongue okay" but then I can't even talk it hurts so bad, I swear.

On a brighter note, I already packed my things for the camping. I'm quite proud of myself because this is the first time I have ever packed things for something like this and I did it! I mean, at least I could fit all my clothes in only one luggage even though my mum said that it looks like the one that people bring to Makkah. Come on, mum. Three days is quite lama so I need loads of clothes plus later trust me, I'm not bother to fold all of my clothes neatly. So, the larger my luggage is, the easier for me to throw all of my clothes. See, what a brilliant idea I got. I'm not home for three days, I am so gonna miss my cats my parents. And my cats. So are they.

 But I admit la, it's not big. People, it is huge.

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