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Sunday, March 10, 2013


I don't think that I will be updating my blog that frequent for the time being as I have four more papers left and as you guys know, I'm going to the camping this Thursday. I've been saying this quite often because I'm weird like that. I don't know but I think even my mum get bored of hearing me talking about the camping. She has to hear "Uuuu I can't wait for the camping!" at least ten times a day. Or maybe 24/7, I don't know. Sorry, mum! Words can't even describe how excited I am for the camping, that's why hehe. Anyway, talking about the examinations, I usually finish studying late at night so the laptop is not my priority anymore. That's pretty much explains why there's no new entry on blog. Don't worry, it just for awhile. So, keep checking on my blog and I will not disappoint :-)

I don't want to talk about the exams, aha yes you got me guys. Let's just talk about the camping. I bet you guys will be like "Omg she's been talking about the camping for the 2564852 times, I cannot!!" So, I went to buy some things for the camping and while my mum was at the counter, I went somewhere else because I can. Padahal tangan pegang phone in case if I look at the counter and my mum isn't there. Mwehehe. Then, there were some guys at the kiosk which I believe they were promoting their organic vegetables. There goes my conversations with one of them...

Abang sayur/Me
"Kak, cuba rasa kak. He gave me a cherry tomato and salad, I believe. I'm not sure."
"Thanks, but no thanks."
"Belum cuba belum tahu, kak."
"I don't eat vegetables. Well, I was about to say "Weh I'm seventeen how come you call me kak I'm not that old" but then I said this instead."
"Tapi ini sayur organic, kak. Tak sama tu."
"But it's still vegetables."

He did say something else right after that but I went to the another kiosk and ended up buying myself three pieces of cakes. Only then I remembered that thing is, I left my mum alone at the counter paying for my luggage to buy myself a pair of flip flops to be used for shower later at the camping. Guess what guys, I can't find any plain flip flops. All of them are designed with the Oppa Gangnam Style, I cannot!! I mean, who would even want to wear that kind of flip flops? Mhm well, maybe my brother will.

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