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Monday, March 4, 2013

Little things

I wasn't planning to blog about this but then, when I was about to transfer the photos that I wanted to blog about, I couldn't find them in my phone. It's like, they have disappeared. Just like that. I don't even know why. I kinda devastated at first but then, I saw these two pictures which I screen captured from the conversation between me and my brother. Hello bro, I bet if you're reading this right now, you'll be like "Ermahgerd which conversations is she talking about?!" In the end, you have to admit. No one knows you better than I do. Hehehe.

It's all started when I needed to write my first essay in the first week of school if I'm not mistaken. I needed to write an essay about Siapakah Aku? I mean like seriously, how do you expect me to write something like that when I didn't write anything for like, two months. The only person that appeared in my mind back then was my brother since he's good in Bahasa Melayu. Even when I asked my mum, she was like "Why don't you ask your brother? He's good in that kind of thing." Okay mum, okay. Then, I grabbed my phone and bbmed him..

Me/My brother
"Hi, do you mind to help me with my school work since you're really good in essay man."
"Thanks, but no thanks."
"What kind of brother la are you, mhm."
"It's been ages since I last wrote an essay that's why."
"Come on, just do the pendahuluan for me. The essay is about Siapakah Aku? Thanks!"
Kim Kim is writing a message.

I have been told that "Kim Kim is writing a message" for like 10 minutes or something, so I thought like yeah man, he's writing the pendahuluan for me that's why I love him so much. No matter how busy is he with his work, he's still willing to write the pendahuluan for me. I'm so grateful that I have this kind of brother. I mean, who doesn't? To be honest, I couldn't ask for more. Yes, this whole paragraph appeared in my mind back then because I thought that he's writing the pendahuluan for me.

My hope is crushed. So perasan!

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