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Friday, February 15, 2013

Such great friends

I just realized I haven't had the chance to sit down on this couch and write a decent post, nor have I had the chance to finish the book which I last read approximately three months ago (plus all the other books I haven't read) Oh god, how I miss doing the things I love. Writing and reading. On a not so different note, my Thursday was well spent with my closest friends, it's been awhile since I last saw their pretty faces which is obviously because of the holidays and how so much have changed yet our friendship still remains the same. Our laughters are still as loud, our jokes are still as crude. It feels good to finally see these precious jewels.

We're having a barbecue and thank God I had something for my breakfast. If not, I swear I'd be starving to death because it took almost an hour to start the fire on the charcoal grill. Oh plus, no one brought the charcoal so yeah. Can you imagine how long it takes to finally have something to eat? 
So tempting. I should have posted this on Ramadhan. Hehehe.
Camwhoring is a must.
The wind was so strong that my tudung became like that. Hahaha I looked weird, but oh well, good times. :-)

I decided not to include the photos of mine while eating sebab gelocoh gila oh well you know me. So after that, we decided to play a game where you tie a balloon at your feet and those who didn't managed to save their balloons from being step up by the enemies amboi enemies hahaha are out. But I wasn't playing pun because I'm wearing a pair of skirt man. Are you kidding me? I don't trust these guys. They're seriously gonna step on my skirt man.

And then, there goes the most interesting game ever. At first, I was so happy that I wasn't the one who have to cover my eyes with a piece of cloth. I was like "Haha I'm not going to eat these watermelon man. I just need to hold it. Yes, hold it. That's all." But then, in the end I was the one who have to eat the watermelon. I kid you not.
I swear, if it was a red velvet cake or something other than watermelon, I am so gonna win. 
Omar's (the one in black) "I gave up" face.
Last but definitely not least, these guys were exactly why I had an awesome time. :-)

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