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Sunday, February 17, 2013

One of those good days

I should have written this post earlier but then, mhm well let's not talk about this guys. Trust me, it's gonna take a long paragraph to talk about the excuses. Plus I don't have that much time to think about that because to be honest, there's no excuses at all. At all. See, I tell you what. It took almost one whole paragraph already man. So a few days ago, the most exciting thing happened. Okay la, it's not that exciting for you guys but for me? Of course it is. Four of my siblings were here! Unfortunately, one of my brothers was stuck in Taiping because his company is weird like that.

One of the reasons why am I so excited when these precious gems are coming back is because there's gonna be a lot of stuffs for me. I thank God that I am the youngest in my family. Hehehe. Then, laziness is always taking over my life when it comes to make my bed. Every time my sisters are home, those yang bangun paling lambat is the one that must make the bed. Time ini je lah if nak expect me to wake up early in the morning. Early as in 11. Last but definitely not least, I love hanging out with these guys because usually, I don't need to spend any of my $$$ even though I always say this at first, "Jom keluar. I'm gonna treat you xoxo." Amboi sampai kaunter kakak jugak bayar kan. Amboi adik.

This is way too tempting. Oh talking about this, one of my sisters once went to feed her tummy with the burger bakar in Shah Alam if I'm not mistaken. But then, it wasn't burger bakar as it claimed. It was a typical burger tapi ada bau asap so that's why lah it is claimed as burger bakar. Konon nya. Hope is crushed. So kesian!
Vanilla froyo mixed with Taro froyo. Oreo crumbs, twin compound choc chips, hershey's chocolate and caramel dessert sauce for the toppings.  Need I say more?
It was so good guys I swear.
Movie night! Watching Pitch Perfect together. One of my sisters fell asleep though haha apalah.

So yeah I guess that's it. And to my brother who claims his hair looks exactly like Zayn Malik mhm can I just puke now, since you weren't here back then, you're going to be the one that treats me this coming holiday. Please bear in mind, in order to make sure that a plant grows faster then you should cut off some of the stem. At first, memang lah makin pendek pokok tu but then it will grow way way faster. In this situation, if you treat me then memang lah makin kurang $$$ tu. Tapi at last, your rezeki will definitely berlipat ganda. Yes I dedicated this whole paragraph to you. Hahahaha. Okay thanks bye.

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