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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bad habits die hard

I've been blogging quite frequent these days. Hehehe. To be honest, school is super tiring and I know you may think that I don't have that much of work to get done since I still manage to sit down on this chair and write a decent post but nevertheless, the homework still occupy pretty much most of my time. Life as a form five student is super hectic, subjects are tougher and teachers aren't as fun. I've got to start concentrating in class though, my concentration suck big time these days.

Anyway let's talk about this thing called bad habit. Everyone has a bad habit they would likely overcome. In my case, it's not that bad but since I feel like writing this then you guys have to bear with me lah. This happens every time when I'm really exhausted, like every single time when I'm exhausted. The last time this happened to me was the last Tuesday. I was having the period pain and got home late since I didn't saw my parents' car padahal they were there at 2.30 sharp. Mhm my bad. So I reached home about 3pm and all I did was sleep. OK to be honest, the first thing I did when I reached home was eat because I couldn't bear to see the nasi goreng left untouched. Hehehe. Then, after took the medicine I slept all day long, I must say. Or should I say all day loooooong since I slept in the evening and woke up about 8pm mhm I kid you not guys. And there goes my bad habit..

I first went to bed with this kind of position.
But then I end up waking up with this kind of position. How cool is that man. Buruk perangai.

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