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Friday, November 2, 2012


Everyone isn't perfect but that doesn't mean you have to look for flaws. People are just so judgmental these days. They would name every flaws they could see. Now the question is, don't you ever think what its like to be in their shoes? Going home everyday, lying on their bed, hating what they see in the mirror and feeling more insecure than they already were. Asking God, what have they done to deserve this, why weren't they born with better looking features. What can you possibly earn by making someone feel so horrible about themselves? Just look back on every single word you utter. Put yourself in their shoes and I'm pretty sure you will never get out alive. Have a look in the mirror once in a while, do you see your mistakes? Do you see your flaws?

And to those who are being judged, stop feeling insecure and bad about yourself. In life, to be happy is to love yourself first because if you don't then no one would. You just have to accept yourself the way you are and be grateful with everything you have. Just look around you and you will realize how lucky you are. Imagine those who are blind, those with skin cancer and those who doesn't have the ability to walk like us. Many people are suffering out there and guess what, some might wish to be you. Just remember one thing, when someone judges you and points out your flaws, sama lah macam diaorang judge yang mencipta you. Convince yourself that you are already beautiful in God's view. You should appreciate yourself, love yourself. And you will be okay :-)

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