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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Photo by me.

People should stop being miserable and be happy with what they have. Trust me, live has never been better for me. But I've got my family, my friends, good education and food on the table. How can I not be happy? Truth be told, I have not always been this optimistic. Come to think of it, I remember being depressed back in early of 2012. I choose to mask those depression with a happy face whenever I'm around people but funny thing is, I don't even remember how this happiness of mine started. I just remember enjoying every single day and the little things. I remember being grateful and loving life as it is. So far, things have been working out great and I don't wish for more.

Change is bound to happen. You know sometimes, you want something to last. But situations, they perpetually change. So why bother being depressed when things just don't stay the same? Let go all the things that doesn't bring you happiness. Once you let them go, then you will see the happiness. Appreciate things. Do what makes you happy. Shut the "what ifs" and just do what you want. Enjoy the moments. Whatever shit happens, its not a reason for you not to live how you should be living. And a person other than yourself should never be the reason why you stop living. I do not know but one thing is for sure, things have been good for me for far too long. I am forever grateful.

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