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Friday, September 21, 2012

Final exams

"I was very well-educated. My dad paid for me to go to every good school but um, you know, when my parents divorced, we didn't have any money for awhile. My birthday presents was my school uniform and pencil cases. And I think that's one of the reasons why my education means so much to me. Because my dad really couldn't afford to send me to the school he sent me to. He just didn't have the money. So I've worked hard every single day that I was at that school to make him proud of me and for him to know that I appreciated it. And I do. I still do." - Emma Watson.

Just wanted to share something that had kinda motivated me so it can maybe motivate you too :-) I will be the best student there is. I am actually laughing as I'm typing this out because I know how I get distracted so easily. Everything, I can never concentrate on anything. I need to struggle more since the final is just around the corner. There's no time to waste. And there's a lot more to catch up. The only reason why I'm desperately need to get good result for the final is because it will determine which class I'll be in next year. Remember, we have no limit for getting better and improving as long as we don't give up. 

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