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Saturday, February 25, 2012


From my sister, photo and editing by me.

"I know they say practice makes perfect but a million years of practice won't do any good if you keep repeating the same thing. Learn." 

For all the 97's kids, you got to study consistently and always do lots of practice. I'm not that good but I found it really helpful to pay full attention in class and never feel shy to ask your teacher if you don't understand what she/he's teaching. Don't be shy to do so in front of your classmates because you're in the process of learning. If not, do your own revision as soon as you reach home and try to understand them before moving on to the next level. Always make time for your studies, always. When you're in pressure, or when you're stressed out in studies, then you'll know that you're on the right track. Stressing out is good. It makes you feel how important studies is. 

And please, don't make your weekend as your 'rest day' because form 3 topics are so important I tell you. Especially for science and math. Because if you're going to take pure science next year, science is really important. Same goes to math, so if you can't score these subjects now please improve them, please do your study. Take a note, if your mid year exam awak dapat results mostly B or A, then you'll know you're on the right track :) Back then in 2011, most of the time I myself always got C for math. That time I swear to God I hate math so much. But I always remind myself that "Gagal sekali tidak bermakna gagal selamanya." 

To be honest, at first I was doubting taking biology you know, because it can be counted as tough subject. Then I thought if there are people who can get A+ in biology and in everything else, why couldn't I? And only now that I realize taking pure science is not that tough. You just need to know how to balance everything up. My favourite subject for this year going to be addmath, I like it when I can solve addmath questions. I don't revise everyday except for biology, but kalau math or addmath, I'll do the practice everyday so I won't forget it. I believe that there's plenty of time to study now. However, there's no space nak main-main ke apa dah. I hope that next year, I will manage to finish covering all the form 4 topics so that my life as a spm candidate won't be so hectic, I guess.


Sandra said...

Hi sis :)
I'm 16 this year to..
Yeah u right.. saya pun masa form 3 selalu dpt math markah yg rendah2..so saya buat a lot of exercise.and result Pmr saya like OMG..haha never expected result yg sy dpt. hehe
and now saya masuk aliran sns.. Fun but at the same time Stress juga ! :)

Qaisara Afiqah said...

Hi :) Good luck with your studies!

Anonymous said...

good effort, sara... 1A RM10.. haha.. goodluck k, straight A's 4 ur SPM next year =)