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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Keep Calm & Carry On

Honestly speaking, whenever I'm happy or sad or angry, I prefer not to share it with anyone because I like it that way. 

Whenever I have a problem, or maybe problems that I couldn't deal with I always take a deep breath and think. Maybe God make me feel this way to show me that even when I lost something/one thing I cherish the most and feel excruciating pain, He will always be here. Or maybe to make me stronger. Maybe to show me that a good thing doesn't come without problems first. Or maybe to let me know not everything will go as expected but we have to go through it anyhow. I just have to pretend, and keep pretending that everything is alright. With the help of doa and hard work, someday it will finally be alright. I always tell myself, what's done is done and there's no reason to take it back. So let me move on, I should move on. Infact, I told the same thing whenever someone shares their problems with me. To be frank, I'm not a good listener. I don't know how to help the others to deal with something. But trust me, everything is great when you don't give a shit. 

These days, I don't care about how many 'friends' I have. I only care about true friends and there's not much of that these days. If you're a true friend that will stay till the end, no matter in good or hard times, show it and I'll be happy to share my life with more people like you :) Life goes on, and I will just keep on moving forward. I'm much tougher, and cold-hearted and have the don't-care-ish vibe. Everything needed to survive the cold, hard world. 

This blog had been here for me through thick and thin. It had been here when I was dealing with issues with friends, the scary feeling when an exam is up, the nervous breakdown before taking PMR result, the feeling of euphoria after getting PMR result, the tears, the screaming, the cuss words, the blaming, the happy feeling and everything. And thank you for those who read the entries in this blog as in a way or another, you had helped me take a little load of my shoulders. And like seriously, who the hell wouldn't be happy if their entries are being read kan?