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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Photo by me. 

"With the help of makeup and face contouring, everyone can be pretty. But not everyone can be beautiful. And awesome. And loyal. And good. And the list goes on and on." 

I am full of flaws, I know. But I have learned to accept all the flaws. I'm pretty because you only knew me from Facebook. Everyone can go from ugly to pretty because of Photoshop, so do I. I'm not that pretty in the real life. I bet when you guys meet me in the real life, you'll be like "You look so different in the real life than you do in the photos. Everyone thinks I'm happy because I fake a smile. I always think that I'm awkward. I'm full of insecurities. I don't have good English like some of the people claims, it's just okay. Frankly, I am not really good at grammar and I keep making the same mistakes. Most of the time, I keep pretending that I'm just fine because I hate making people worried. I always ask God for one thing after another and He generously grant them all. Yet in the hustle bustle of life, I sometimes forgot to thank Him. 

I always believe that every cloud has a silver lining. So no matter how many flaws you have, no matter how ugly you think you are, no matter how shit and worthless you feel, be grateful. You still have loads of things to be smiling about. Look at the things that you have. Imagine what would it be like if you're blind. or sick. or homeless. And it is never sinful to be wishing to own more. As long as you stay in the perimeter and you're not making yourself unhappy. Pray. God listens.

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