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Sunday, February 5, 2012

PMR is just the beggining

Shot in 2011.

For the 97's kids, if you think you're stupid just because you don't think you will able to get straight A's in the PMR.. Yes, you're stupid for giving up so easily. Wake up! It's not the end yet, it's just the beggining. PMR results will only determined which stream you can take for form 4. Means that, even if you get straight A's for your PMR, if you can't score your form 4 subjects, it's useless. Because form 4 topics are really important for SPM.

Back then in 2011, I myself didn't finish covering all the form 1 and form 2 topics and I swear that the 2 months before PMR started had been quite hectic for me. Actually it's good that you're scared about PMR. That feeling will remind you to do your study. So no worries lah, kalau you determine nak study, no matter lambat mana you start, you can achieve all the things that you've been hoping for. You know what, if you've tried to do your best in your PMR and your result turned out to be something that you didn't expect, don't be sad, but be proud of yourself instead. It doesn't matter what you get in the end, as long as you've tried to work really hard, that's worth it. Mungkin bukan rezeki awak nak dapat straight A's kali ni. Mungkin rezeki awak datang masa SPM ke? We'll never know. And plus, Allah will reward you for your good effort, bukan for your good results. 

Seriously it's not something to be ashamed about if you fail for the first time. If you got a zero for questions worth 4 marks. If you don't know how to answer some of the questions. But, if you do the same mistakes the next time, then you should be ashamed. If you don't even try to improve yourself, then you should be ashamed. If you give up totally, then you should be shot dead. 

"In order to build a big castle, you have to put one brick at a time. Making sure the bricks are carefully placed, so the castle won't crumble down later on." 

What I'm saying is, we should learn (anything) one by one. Making sure we understand it first, before moving on to the next level. In our case, we have to fully understand one chapter before the teacher advances to another. So it's like up to us to learn it after the teacher taught us. Ya dig? Just wanted to share something that had kinda motivated me so it can maybe motivate you too :) We can't be perfect but we can try to be nearly perfect. It's hard work, yes, but I think it'll be worth it later on. And if it didn't, we just have to try harder.

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Muhamad Adam said...

Saya cuma rasa give up dalam PMR sebab tau saya akan gagal.