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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's the end of the first month.

It's already the 31st day of 2012. Sebulan dah lepas. Macam tak percaya. Time flies so fast yet all the memories seem so distant and far away. I don't know how is that even possible but my head works in its own way I guess.

When I re-read my previous entry, the only thing I can say is one can only dream. Or work her ass off to achieve the dream. Either one. I definitely will choose the second option. Because it's okay to have dreams, they keep you going. But you have to do something, fight for your dreams. Forget all the small things you have to give up. Think it this way, you're giving up these small things for bigger things ahead. I know you're sometimes affected by stuff that are going on around you. You can have fun and create success, both. But you're not born that way, little lady. You're good if you focus on one thing. One thing at a time. That's good, because whatever you're focusing on, you'll be the best at it. Not to say you can't have fun, but moderately. 

Wake up! Now, don't make anymore resolutions. Just do it. Go for it. 

Fight girl, fight hard, fight for your dream.

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