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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let bygones be bygones?

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." 

My life sucks. Eh no, my past sucks. Big Time. Yes I tried and still trying to forget them but I guess it's not the best way. Besides, everyone keeps bugging me about them and sometimes, even used it as a weapon against me. Not that I care, that much. So I guess that it's impossible to erase the past from my memory. I should let them be a lesson for myself and everyone else. I had learnt it the hard way that we should think carefully before taking any actions. 

And now, a year has come to an end. Filled with rainbows and also dark skies but apalah hidup kalau takda masalah or cabaran langsung. Mistakes, faults, quarrels and arguments made are not regretted as lessons are learnt. Without those mistakes, I may be in the same lousy mould still. As far as this year passed by, nobody is on my hit list yet but I wouldn't mind if some of them get hit by a bus or thrown of a cliff. Kidding (or not). Just let their words eat them inside out. Loved ones are still loved, some may fade but that's a whole other story. I don't have New Year's resolution as I'm always trying to be a better person no matter if the year is ending or starting and I do things better unplanned anyway. 

With an end, there will be a new beginning. Yes. Exactly what I need. New beginning. No I'm not trying to be sarcastic or anything. I really really need a new beginning. But honestly, I never regret 2011, not even once. That was the year where I have loads of things to be smiling about. The year that I finally let the past to be in the past. The year that I realized it is good to blog. The year some of my blog readers told me that I inspired them. The year I have something / one thing that my parents can be proud of. The year where is no words can describe how happy I was at the moment. The year that I have met new friends but sadly, they are gonna leave soon. But still, I'm not going to regret it at all.

Everybody leaves.
Memories in 2011.

I am not wishing for a miracle to happen but I really hope you would be better than 2011 :') I'll promise I would not waste you like how I wasted 2011. I know how I always ask you to be good to me but I realized that you're the one who should be asking me to be good to you but since you can't be asking me to do that, I'll voluntarily do that. 

I promise, 2012. I promise.

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yad'z said...

yup.. past is past... buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih.. pray for da best for this year okie.. =)