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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The love of my life

It's been a sad day today. My cat still sombong tak nak makan, I can't bear to see him like this so that I decided to bring him to the veterinarian T_T I can say that his body is weak, his head is heavy I guess, his throat  is sempit (narrow wtf). Haha (eh gelak kat lawak sendiri, keluar sekarang). So that he can't swallow properly even though tengok kakak cun makan depan dia. EH.

By the way, he is soooo different now. He is no longer that playful, kind of cat. He now sleeps all day long and wakes up only to eat. JUST LIKE THE KIND OF CAT THAT GROW FATTER. Do you remember his BFF? He has grown into a teenage cat. Mum said he looks like me since badan dia panjang kurus tinggi heh :B

"Bloody hell you Qai, I'm not feeling well. You should really stop taking photos."

Alright this time you don't have to pose or anything.

Buat-buat mati, cepat.

One last try? Please?

Hahahah. Omg sorry I laughed haha omg.
Just look at your face hahahaha.