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Friday, February 28, 2014

How to: fried ice cream

A few days back, I went to the store to buy the Nestle fried ice cream but I couldn't seem to find it. Then, I thought why don't I just make myself one? So, I decided to grab the ingredients to the counter and paid them (obviously). 

All you need is bread (depending how many fried ice cream you want), a tub of ice cream (again, depending on what flavor you love) and a glass. Make sure that the glass you use has a sharp edge to make it easier to separate the outer part of the bread.

You will need two pieces of bread to make one fried ice cream.

Place a scoop of ice cream in the center of the slice of bread. Here's an advice, do not put too many scoops of ice cream or else you will end up eating it without being fried. Keep on reading, I will include the picture down below.

Place the other slice of bread on the top to cover the ice cream. Then, use a glass and press it on the bread hardly until the outer part of the bread (outside the glass) is separated. Do not use the disposable containers. I used that at first and it broke when I pressed it... You have to immediately refrigerate the ice cream sandwich before beginning on the next one.  

You can either throw this away or make a bread pudding. Or anything you would love to. I decided to make the bread pudding with this. I will include the recipe in my next post. Eh since when la my blog became a recipes blog?!

Just realized that this picture is focusing my hand instead of the ice cream sandwich but that is beside the point. I ended up eating 3 of the ice cream sandwiches. I put too many scoops of ice cream because I'm greedy like that and it won't pinch shut.

Freeze the fried ice cream for a few hours before deep frying it. I prefer to leave it overnight in freezer to set. To fry, you will need to heat up oil in pan  until hot. Then, fry each side for about 15 seconds and flip. You will notice the color will change to golden brown. When both sides are nice and golden brown, quickly drain dry the fried ice cream on kitchen towels. 

And there you have it, super easy and super delicious deep fried ice cream!! It is really simple to make. I guarantee you will forget about whatever diet you were on.


Fifiey Azmi said...

Wait, what?
We can actually make fried ice cream ourselves?

Okay ._.
Thanks for the recipe! :3

Qaisara Afiqah said...

Hahaha I know right! Make some today la fiey. No problem :D