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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I was supposed to sit for the computer test last Sunday but then while I was studying, (studying sounds weird but whatever) Bitara called to inform me that it was cancelled. It was almost 11pm at that moment and to be honest, I didn't know whether I should be grateful or pissed off. Why would I be pissed off you ask? I want to get my license done as soon as possible and by cancelling the computer test, for sure I have to wait for another few days. God knows how much I hate waiting. Then why would I be grateful? Well, I didn't bother to study earlier and I only started studying two days before my computer test. There's a cd which Bitara has provided and it consists of questions in the form of the exact computer test. So, I did the test. And I failed. They say don't give up, so I did the test for the second time. I didn't fail but I only got 42 and to those who doesn't know, the minimum passing score is 42. Still, even though I had passed but it didn't help me to feel better at all.

I sat for my computer test today. I asked.. well maybe forced my mum to accompany me and we went there (I forgot what is it called) at 9am or something. I had to wait for almost 2 hours for my turn.

Me/My mum
"I'm so nervous..."
"It's just computer test. You seemed okay during the spm. There's no need to be nervous."
"What if I failed....."
"Jadi macam your brother. He didn't even bother to open the book back then. But if kena repeat I don't want to accompany you after this."
"How could you.........."

I didn't bother to check my answers because I might change the one that I have answered correctly. I was the last person who entered the test room and I came out paling awal. Mum told me that she was the one who's nervous right after she saw me came out since I only took like 10 minutes to finish the test. She even talked with the girl who sat next to her, "Look. She must be answering like a boss." Please bear in mind, like a boss here means I tembak most of the questions.

At least I have something that is worth to remember on 11/12/13.


Mohd Lokman Bin Ramli said...

congratulation.. :)

Qaisara Afiqah said...

Thank you :-)

iwan biz said...

I love your blog :)

Qaisara Afiqah said...

Thank you, this means a lot!

Anonymous said...

tahniah sara.. pasni leh bwk g jln2