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Monday, December 2, 2013

First day at driving school

Apparently, driving school is my new school. I know it's kind of too early like most of my friends decided to not register for the driving license until December because they thought of taking a rest after three weeks of non stop studying. Well, not non stop but you got what I mean right. But as for me, I am so pumped to drive legally and that's pretty much explains why I decided to take mine right after my huge examinations ended.

I actually asked my driving teacher to fetch me and two days ago was the first time I met her. She's really nice. It took almost 15 minutes to reach the driving school and truth be told, she talked like non stop for 15 minutes. Trust me, no lie. She talked a lot. A few minutes before we reached the driving school, she asked me about which school I was in before.

My driving teacher/Me
"Which school you were in?"
"My son also applied for SS but I don't know whether dapat ke tidak (she talked about her son for a while and I just layan) So, before this you went to school with whom?"
"Well, my dad of course."
"I thought you already got you license?"
"What do you mean by that?"
"Your sister told me that you have already got your license and now you're going to go for kelas amali."
"Haaa nonsense I haven't got any license la. Not even L."
"The thing is, I haven't registered you for the kelas undang-undang. And today is Saturday which means a lot of people are going to the kelas undang-undang."
"This ain't funny...... Let's just pray that people are still sleeping since it's raining right now and there will be an empty seat for me."

Once we reached there, she went to register me and I was all alone at that moment. I have to wait for like almost an hour and luckily there's some empty seats. Told you, some people were too lazy to even wake up during that kind of weather. Once she told me that I could enter the kelas amali, I was like, God bless you guys who were sleeping right now. Don't worry, sleep tight and I will take your seat. *evil laugh* I actually spent almost 10 hours there and words couldn't even describe how exhausted I was. On a brighter note, I will take the computer test or whatever you call it on the next Sunday. Hope that I will able to pass the test and get my driving license soon :-)


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