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Monday, November 26, 2012

Exam results

You had no idea how nervous I was the second my friend told me that our exam results were out. I was having breakfast when one of my friends whatsapped me about his result so I logged in the website (which I forgot the url and decided not to google it right know cause I'm lazy like that) and held my breath, silently praying to myself. I did pretty okay but I have a fail though which is worse. And I kinda devastated with my biology marks because I didn't manage to answer one of the essay questions which provides 20 marks. The funny thing is, I remember saying that biology is way easier than physics and chemistry but then I ended up getting the lowest mark for biology out of the three subjects. Haha what.

I miss studying to be honest. I will probably regret saying this but whatever, I miss staying up all night studying for my test with a glass of nescafe on the table to keep me awake. Alhamdulillah my parents thought it would be wise if I registered early for tuition class, early as in next week instead of next year. So my class starts this coming Sunday and its good to have a routine again. I hope I won't disappoint my parents. No, not again.  

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