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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Deep thoughts

Take me back to the person I used to be
When you were there for me
I know it seems like forever
But do me this favor please

Way back when we were stupid
And held grudges just to help us sleep
Oh my god how ridiculous were we

There's no point remembering someone who doesn't want you anymore. We loss some, we gain some. Well you know, that's just a chapter in the past. Things move on, just like people and time. We can never hold on on to something forever. I used to ask myself wouldn't life be great if we were allowed to live by ourselves with no one else around? I used to hate the fact that people come and go, I wanted everything to stay the same. But then only now I realize that is just a part of life. I am pretty sure everybody has gone through the same thing I have. We can never expect everything would turn out like we planned it to be. No matter how much I miss those happy moments, I am happy. I am happy when I stopped making everybody else happy and started making myself happy. I am happy and content with the people that I still have in my life. I hope you guys are doing great, x.

On a not so different note, I decided to start writing again even though I kinda lost my writing skills haha. And reading, I want to start reading again. I have procrastinated my reading too long. I haven't had the time to start my reading just yet. To be honest, I miss doing the things I love. Reading and writing. Its been a while.

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