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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sexy creature

Supposedly studying. I have no idea why am I watching youtube videos right now. It's not often that I stumble across a talented guy on youtube and go completely gaga over him. Ok.. Actually, that happens quite often but I just don't brag about them on my blog often. Most of the time, I'd be replaying videos of people who can really sing like Tyler Ward, Megan Nicole, Alyssa Bernal, Boyce Avenue and so much more.It's amazing how much talents these people on youtube have. Some of you may not be interested, but I don't care because I do and I find them very interesting either everyone else likes it or not. 

If you're wondering who's the guy in this video, that's Tanner Patrick, another guy full of amazingness that I just discovered. I absolutely love his voice, plus his attractive green eyes and smile. I keep on wondering why didn't he act in Twilight, he looks like an attractive vampire hehe. So he started posting videos on youtube in August of 2011 which pretty much explains why I just found him, but only in eleven months, he already has a total of over a million views on youtube and a lot of subscribers. I have no doubt that he's gonna go far, just wait for it.

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