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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day

Photo and editing by me.

When I was a kid back then, I used to compare my family with my friends and wished I had their lives instead of mine. After years go by, I have come to realise that I would never trade my family for any other. Trust me, I would never trade my mum for any other mum in this world. I now know that my mum doesn't need to act 10 years younger to be cool, she already is. She listens to my problems, she tries to understand even though sometimes she doesn't, she laughs like a beat up car and the best part is, she's still here for me after all the crap I have put her through. What more could I possibly need? :-)

Your hardwork is recognized by all. We may seem like we don't care about all the work you'd done, but we do. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers especially mine :-)