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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Photo by me.

So many people care about what other people think. It's so true. At some point, we all do. I used to worry about what people think of me all the time. But as I grew older, it didn't matter anymore. Well.. maybe it still does, but not as much as it did before. I learned a lot over the past few years, each and every mistake that I made thought me different things and it made me who I am today. Even though I may have a few regrets, but being regretful about what is in the past is just a waste of time because there's no use looking back unless you can turn back time and change it or do it any other way. However, we all know that's impossible. So we just gotta learn from it and promise ourselves not to repeat the same mistakes we did.

Life's too short for us to be stuck in the past, we should live for the present and look forward to our future. We need to plan. No time is too early to start planning, it's now or never. As I was saying about worrying too much about what people might say about me, that's all behind me. It used to matter a lot, but people these days are just too judgmental. They tend to judge you every second of their lives and nothing you do is going to change that, nothing. When you do something right, people don't seem to care but when you do something wrong, it's like 'BOOM', they start judging you, giving you the bitch look, talking behind your back and shits. Even when they don't know a single thing about you. Yeah, as if they're perfect, as if they're any better. That sort of people need to buy themselves a mirror, a big and wide one. Like I said, no one is perfect. Not me, not them, not even you. So screw what they think.

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