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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wake up, February ended.

"Try to be steady, set up your goals and then act accordingly."


Tadi I wanted to make an entry on how guilty I felt on not going to school. I am still having my headache from yesterday. I don't have any freaking idea on why it would not go away. It's not like arghhhh Imma die Imma die Imma die sort of pain. It's just pretty uncomfortable when you have this sort of pressure on the left side of your head, pounding. 

I'm not suppose to be online anyway, I should be doing something more educational like you know, studying and stuffs like that. Muak tau dak baca Bio. Like seriously and it's not a guarantee that I can remember like 92% of what I had studied (Sorry for the grammar mishap earlier!)/read. So like atleast study jugak ah asdfghjkl kan. Yang penting sekarang, nak score dalam upcoming exam. Lagi 3 minggu. Miraculously, Addmaths is my current best subject and one of the favourite. Am gonna try and keep it up. Wish me luck, pray for me please sebab orang yang doakan untuk orang lain tanpa mengharapkan balasan bagus kan? :) 

Okay this is a pointless entry. But then I don't know what's the point of this blog other than to accommodate my ramblings. I'm rambling now. Hence, this entry satisfies this blog's point. Bye.

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