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Monday, February 20, 2012

You've pointed out my flaws again as if I don't already see them

Photo and editing by me.

"Wise and people with good sense will judge you if you point out other people's flaws, not the people with flaws itself." 

People talk. Good, bad, shitty, bitchy, nice. Doesn't matter what kind of talk, people talk. We can't stop them, they have rights to talk. It's like freedom of speech. But I am freaking annoying with the certain people who like to point out other people's flaws. I guess none of you have ever realized it yet, nobody is perfect. And there's no need to point out anyone's flaws because they already can see them. 

I see everybody as an individual not based upon their skin colour, how good they look, which school they're in, girls boys men women. If orang tak suka kita, what to do. You have your own kind of standard, your own kind of way and you pleases the people you choose to be pleased. You choose your own friends, you choose who you want to dislike and who you want to like, you choose who you want to be and how people want to see you, you have your own circle of friends and you have that certain things you find in friends. may be full of flaws, but I can change all of these. But you can't change that you're having an ugly heart :)

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