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Friday, February 10, 2012

Music holds our life story line

Photo and editing by me. Currently listening to One Direction 

The lyrics to a song is important, to me. If I really like a song, it's because the lyrics plus the nice beats. Somehow I managed to memorize all the beautiful lines of a song that can be useful in my essay writing. One song can hold up to millions of stories, it can make us look back at our precious life. Then, it magically recalls all our previous memories and start making us to look at the past. Sometimes it brings a smile to my face and sometimes, the hurts come back. 

The first song that I was absolutely crazy about by One Direction is What Makes You Beautiful, a song about the fact that she doesn't know she's beautiful, that she's not up herself and cocky, is what makes her beautiful. Beauty is not just on outside. While yes, she may be pretty on the outside, the fact that she's nice and modest on the inside is what makes her really stand out. I strongly agree with their song, everyone is beautiful in a way, everyone has something special in them, everyone is worth it. At least that's how I see the people around me. I may not like everybody. Heck, I don't like most of them but I believe that each and every one of them has something special in them. I may not like them but other people would. 

Try listen to One Direction, they are beyond of awesome. A lot of people think that it is stupid to be so worked up about five guys but for me, I find it is amazing how they affect so many people in such an inspiring way. These were just five normal kids who are doing normal teenagers things like going to school, doing homeworks and stuff like that. And here they are becoming the most five talented boys that could ever be put together, sharing their wonderful music to everyone. 

So many adventures couldn't happen today, 
So many songs we forgot to play,
So many dreams are swinging out of the blue, 
We let 'em come true.

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Frances said...

You got that one thing! These kinds of tunes are just the onhold music I'd be looking forward to so that I wouldn't be bored if I was put on hold at a company's customer service line.