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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life isn't all rainbows and unicorns

My sister and editing by me.

People have always said that everything happens for a reason. Yes, true that. The question is, is it for a good reason or for a bad one? Everything around us are made up with good and bad things. If there was happiness, there'll be sadness too. If there was friends and family, there'll be enemies too. If there was goodness, there'll be badness too. Everything are made up stable. But sometimes, we human could not help ourselves accepting that fact. For us, if there's a problems, then it's unfair. But, if we were happy filled with joy, not once we asked ourselves do I deserve to be this happy? Have you ever wondered, or even think about it?

"I'm tired, my life is such a mess. I could not take this anymore." Thats the common expression we used when we face the problems and to be honest, I used to say that for a gazillion time back then. Let say if Allah is that stingy, what would you say if He says "For all the good things I'd gave you, have you ever properly said thank you each day for that?" No, right? There's a lot to think about now. A lot had happens. A lot are happening right now. Sometimes, I don't even know what to do or even say. But in times like this I like to post this stupid damn post, you know why? Because I'm talking to myself. I'm giving myself a motivation. So this is to myself, be strong and keep up with everything. Because we all know that, Allah had promise a good ending for a good people and the other way round :-) I trust in the power of Allah, if my ending and my life is not that happy it's because I'm not good enough. No one can fulfill promises better than Allah, right?

Life is literally like a music player and we are the songs. There was time we want to forward and rewind our life. There was a time you want time to pause or even stop. But we can't deny the fact that a song is best listened to when they were played with a normal speed. Same goes to our life, so live your life. Don't ever think about stopping and put an end to your life. Life is unbearable, sometimes unfair and cruel. But if we want to bring back the happiness aren't we just have to stand up for ourselves? I am no God, I am just a weak human that need a break from everything sometimes. Feel free to press the pause when you need a break, but never forget to be strong and confidently press the play button when you're done. 

"Don't be afraid. Face all the obstacles head on. Head as in use your brain. Not your skull."

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D. Wendy said...

True thing. With no such things like ups and downs, then life must be effing boring. Cheers!